Interactive Pipeline Map – User Guide

Welcome to the National Energy Board’s interactive pipeline map. This guide will assist you to discover the map’s functionality.

NEB Interactive Pipeline Map - User Guide [PDF 255 KB]

map find address bar

Discover NEB-regulated pipelines in your community. Search using your postcode, address, or town/city.

map find address


Zoom in on the map using the buttons or your mouse to explore NEB-regulated pipelines in your community. Click and drag to pan around the map and find pipelines.

Search by zooming and panning

zooming and panning

Get informed about pipelines and pipeline incidents. Click on the pipeline or the icon for more details.

How to get information using the map:

Obtenir de l’information grâce à la carte

Customize your experience using the following icons:

legende Access the Legend
options Pipelines et Incidents Turn on/off the Pipeline and Incident layer
carte base Choose a Base Map
outil de mesure Use the Measurement tool

How to customize the map to show the information you want:

customize map

cutomize icon

After you have customized the map, close the custom tool bar to see the full map view.

How to close the customization tool bar

Fermer la barre d’outils de personnalisation


Discover information that interests you using the filter buttons. The left filter is for pipelines and the right filter is for incidents.

How to refine your search with filters

refine search

The attributes table summarizes the information displayed in the current view of the map.

Tableau des caractéristiquesClick on the black tab at the bottom of the page to access the attributes table.
Choisissez Incidents ou Pipelines pour voir les caractéristiquesSelect Incidents or Pipelines to view the attributes

You can export the information displayed by selecting Export to CSV in the options dropdown menu.


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