Compliance Verification Activity Report 1516-371 – Champion Pipe Line Corporation Limited

Type of Compliance Verification Activity: Field Inspection

Activity #: 1516-371
Activity start: 11/1/2015
Activity End: 11/1/2015

Related Activity Numbers:

Inspection Officer Number(s): 2083

Incident #:
Landowner Complaint File #:

Company: Champion Pipe Line Corporation Limited

Facility Name(s): Pipeline next to the bridge - Témiscamingue Dam, Québec

Province(s): Québec / Ontario

Theme(s): Integrity Management

Compliance Tools Used:


This activity was undertaken to verify compliance with the following regulatory requirements.

 X  NEB Act

 X  Onshore Pipeline Regulations

 X  CSA Standard Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems


    Electricity Regulations

    Processing Plant Regulations

    Pipeline Crossing Regulations Part I

    Pipeline Crossing Regulations Part II

Regulatory Instrument


Observations & Discussion

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
01-Nov-15 Construction site office Integrity Management Yes


The NEB inspectors met with the Champion Pipeline Corporation Limited (Champion) representatives at the construction site offices in Témiscamingue, Quebec. The following companies are involved in the project:

- North America Construction (NAC): civil engineering work on the dam and primary responsibility for health and safety at the site;
- MACO: General contractor hired by Champion for civil and mechanical engineering work on the replacement pipeline;
- Acuren: responsible for non-destructive testing of welds;
- Yvon Couture: responsible for application of coating on weld joints;
- IPC: Inspection of joint welding and coating

The Champion representatives explained the various steps of the pipeline replacement process. First, the two joint sets for Long Sault Island will be assembled. The joints will be connected on the edge of the pipeline trench to form a section, which will be placed in the trench. The assembly will then be subjected to hydrostatic testing before the line is put into operation. A valve will be installed at each end of the section under the river before [sic] the two joints.


Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
01-Nov-15 Welding Integrity Management Yes

The NEB inspectors inspected pipe and elbow welds with the welding inspector hired by Champion. They verified welding procedure DMS# B-A24-42/273.02, which was developed for the project. They also checked welders’ certifications, and compliance of electrodes and certain welding parameters, such as pre-heating temperature, preparation of component ends to be welded, current and voltage. The inspectors observed that the welders had the requisite safety equipment for welding and for grinding between weld passes.

At the time of the inspection, it was not possible to confirm whether fire extinguishers at the welding site were certified and checked regularly to ensure that they were in good operating condition. The annual certification and monthly check tags were either missing or had expired. The NAC safety inspector confirmed that it was their practice to check the extinguishers monthly and that tags had been supplied to Maco for that purpose. The day after the inspection, Champion confirmed that certified and visually inspected extinguishers were now on site. Photographs were provided as proof.

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
01-Nov-15 Trench excavation Integrity Management Yes


The trench for the section of pipeline under the river was being excavated. The NEB inspectors notified the company that the trench required at least two safe accesses to the site where the workers were located. There was only one at the time of the inspection and two were observed at the end of the inspection.

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
01-Nov-15 Application of coating Integrity Management Yes


Two applicators installed the coating on a weld joint for a section to be installed under the river. The coating applied was a liquid epoxy identified as SP-2888 RG. The coating pre-applied to the pipe was epoxy (Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE)) and concrete. The coating inspector is hired directly by Champion. He was on site and was verifying that the coating procedure was being followed. The NEB inspectors were able to verify that the following items complied with the procedure: application temperature at least 3°C above dew point, salt test, surface profile after sanding, expiry dates for the coating products, thickness of non-dried film.

Observations & Discussion
Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed
01-Nov-15 Non-destructive tests Integrity Management Yes


Acuren is the contractor hired directly by Champion for non-destructive assessment of weld joints. The NEB inspectors verified that Acuren had level II certification issued by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), as required. Acuren was preparing to check four weld joints and a safety perimeter had been established and the Acuren truck’s flashing light was on. The weld joints are checked using gamma radiography.

Compliance Summary

This notice reflects the observations of non-compliance with regulatory requirements or company commitments, made by the inspection officer during the compliance verification activity. If the corrective actions identified are implemented by the completion date, the matter is considered resolved. Any unresolved compliance matters will be addressed by the inspection officer and may be referred to NEB enforcement staff.

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