Statistics & Analysis

Statistics & AnalysisStatistics and Analysis includes energy statistics and reports on individual energy commodities.

Natural Gas

  • Marketable natural gas in Canada
  • Natural gas import and export summary
  • Natural gas imports and exports and liquefied natural gas (LNG) statistics from the Commodity Tracking System (CTS)Footnote 1
  • Analysis and Publications   

Natural Gas Liquids

  • Propane and butane exports
  • Liquefied petroleum gas underground inventories
  • Analysis and Publications

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

  • Estimated Canadian crude oil production
  • Crude oil and petroleum products exports from CTSFootnote 1
  • Crude oil domestic disposition and imports
  • Oil Exports and Imports Summary
  • Weekly crude run summaries
  • Analysis and Publications


  • Electricity exports and imports from the CTSFootnote 1
  • Electricity export authorizations
  • Electricity Exports and Imports Summary
  • Analysis and Publications


Footnote 1

The Commodity Tracking System (CTS) is a secure Government of Canada web portal and online system which simplifies the completion of monthly export reporting requirements. The system can also display statistics according to the parameters that a user selects.

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