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Public Participation and Land Matters

Public involvement, as well as the participation of Aboriginal peoples, is an important part of each phase in the lifecycle of a project (i.e. project design, construction, operation and maintenance, and abandonment). The NEB requires regulated companies to communicate with and involve the public and Aboriginal peoples when they are developing projects to discover what their concerns are. The level of public and Aboriginal engagement should be appropriate for the setting and the nature and magnitude of each project.

Companies may ask for input from the public and Aboriginal groups in the planning and design of a project prior to submitting an application to the Board. It is important that landowners and other affected people or groups make their concerns known to the company as early as possible and stay involved in the company’s consultation process. It is a good idea to attend open houses and call information lines or visit websites provided by the company if you have questions about the project.

NEB processes are designed so that the NEB is presented with relevant information from a wide range of views enabling it to make fully-informed decisions or recommendations in the Canadian public interest. In particular, for an application to construct and operate an oil or gas pipeline or a certificated power line the NEB wants to hear from those who are directly affected by the project or those who have relevant information or expertise before making a decision or recommendation about the company's proposal. A person may be allowed to participate in the NEB’s hearing processes in various ways. Please see National Energy Board Hearing Process Handbook for more information.

Is there anyone at the NEB who can help me understand Board process and the steps I need to take to become involved?

You can contact the NEB to speak to a staff member who will answer questions about the NEB process and how to participate in it. If you are interested in a specific hearing, contact the Process Advisor for that hearing.

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Publications may be ordered by:

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