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Cost Recovery

The National Energy Board is a cost-recovered agency. The National Energy Board Cost Recovery Regulations set out which costs the NEB recovers and the manner in which money is recovered. Approximately 90% of the Board's total expenditures are recovered from the companies it regulates under the National Energy Board Act. The calculation of cost recovery levies for a particular company is determined as set out in the Cost Recovery Regulations. The NEB consults with regulated companies with respect to cost recovery through a Cost Recovery Liaison Committee which is comprised of industry and government representatives.

What's New

  • Auditor's Reports and NEB Financial Statements
    The 2012 audited financial statements for cost recovery are now available on the NEB's website.
  • 2012-2013 Report on Plans and Priorities
    Cost Recovery Liaison Committee (CRLC) members have expressed interest in having information regarding the NEB's spending plans. For your information, the NEB's Report on Plans and Priorities for the 2012-2013 fiscal year was approved, tabled in Parliament and is now posted on the Treasury Board website.
    This document sets the NEB's Parliamentary spending authorization for the current and next two fiscal years. Although these numbers do not align directly with recoverable costs they are indicative of the cost recovery estimates for the next couple of years.

Cost Recovery Information

Cost Recovery Regulations

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