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The National Energy Board requires companies to comply with regulations on the safety of employees, the public and the environment. The NEB expects its regulated companies to promote a positive safety culture in order to effectively manage threats to safety. Overall, safety management is made up of several different strategies and activities designed to eliminate or reduce risk to the public, workers, the environment and assets. The Board expects companies’ safety culture to apply to both worker health and safety, and process safety.

The NEB maintains a proactive approach to incident prevention and takes all available actions to protect the public and the environment. This includes conducting compliance verification activities such as inspections, compliance meetings, emergency exercises, audits and investigations. When the NEB identifies deficiencies in a company’s systems, projects or programs, it requires the company to immediately implement changes to correct those deficiencies or to develop a corrective action plan for Board approval. The NEB may impose safety orders that restrict operations, issue stop-work orders and monetary penalties, and revoke a company’s authorization to conduct business.

In addition, the NEB works with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to establish technical standards for federally regulated pipelines. Pipeline design, materials, construction and operations are governed by requirements set out in regulation, which includes certain CSA standards as well as specific project conditions.

The Board’s safety programs are designed to proactively manage safety and environmental protection throughout the entire lifecycle of a pipeline - from design to construction, operation and through to abandonment.

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