NEB Makes Ministerial Briefing Binder Available

The National Energy Board (NEB) is making its ministerial briefing binder available as part of its ongoing actions to make the NEB open and transparent to Canadians.

The briefing binder is a collection of briefing materials prepared by NEB staff that was provided to the Honourable James Carr as incoming Minister of Natural Resources Canada. The briefing binder provides an overview of the organization, key pipeline projects under review, and issues that the Minister should have background information on.

The binder’s table of contents has been posted online and the briefing binder is available upon request. Please note that small sections have been redacted in the documents; this is because the available version applies the principles of the Access to Information Act (ATIA). Section 2.2 is also removed since this information is already publicly available. This section may be accessed by clicking on the links in Section 2.2

For media inquiries please contact:

Craig Loewen
Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations

National Energy Board
Telephone: (587) 538-2137
Telephone (toll free): 1-800-899-1265

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