Fact Sheet: Regulatory and management excellence

Fact Sheet: Regulatory and management excellence [PDF 255 KB]

Regulatory Excellence

As Canada’s federal energy regulator, the National Energy Board (NEB) is striving for regulatory excellence based on a foundation of the following three attributes that are embedded in all that we do:

  • Utmost Integrity – Improving our ability to serve the public interest by clarifying governance, while ensuring we work within the applicable legal framework
  • Empathic Engagement – Ensuring that our engagement with the public is transparent and respectful, through strong links to our engagement strategy
  • Stellar Competence – Ensuring that NEB employees have the knowledge, capabilities, and tools required to fully serve the public interest

In order to achieve regulatory excellence, the NEB needs to demonstrate management excellence.

Management Excellence

The NEB’s Management System provides the necessary business planning, risk and data management and governance to enable the organization to deliver the outcomes described in our Departmental Results Framework.

Relentless focus on organizational improvement is imbedded throughout our Management System by continually enforcing the “Plan, Do, Check and Adjust” cycle.

We will continually monitor our progress on delivering outcomes through use of performance indicators that track both our performance, and how effective we are at influencing and improving industry performance.

Regulatory Excellence is not a one-time exercise. We will continually assess ourselves through use of our Management System and Departmental Results Framework, to raise the bar even higher.

Inspection team on site
Plan, Do, Check, Adjust
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